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My name is Jackie Storm and I'm a Clinical Nutritionist and a Behaviorist.  I teach people about nutrition, health, and stress management, and help them make lifestyle changes so they can enjoy optimum health and energy.  Now that you're here, stay awhile.  Read, relax, learn, laugh, and by all means ask questions.  And thanks for stopping by!

bulletIs your blood pressure higher than it should be?  Before you go on medications, try a natural approach.
bulletIf you liked what you read on the Living-Thin section of this website, you should read:  How to Win at Weight Loss.
bulletAre you confused about nutrition?  You need to read Nutrition in a Nutshell.
bulletDo you struggle with compulsive eating?  Read Learning to Binge... Learning to stop. (Living Thin)
bulletAre you worried about osteoporosis?  Reach for your dumbbells.  Skip the medications!
bulletEver wonder how those medicines may be affecting your health and nutritional status?   Consider a DNI report.
bulletCheck out  A focus on Cholesterol.  FInd out how to lower your cholesterol level, (but only if you need to.)  Learn why very low cholesterol levels are dangerous, and discover the supplement that you must take if you are on a statin medication.
bulletNeed a Daily Food Guide? See Nutrition 101
bulletA change in eating habits is often one of the first recognizable symptoms of stress. Check out Nutrition & Stress (Stress & Coping )
bulletLooking for quality vitamins?  One of my favorite brands is DaVinci LaboratoriesClick here to access their online store.
bulletConfused about Vitamins?  Read: How to Choose a Multiple.


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